Client Lead / Project Managment

Sarah May has to be one of the sharpest project managers around, with a unique ability to bring calm to the storm of complicated projects. Her approach to planning is comprehensive, able to maintain communication with all parties involved in clear, positive and prompt ways. With a background in tourism, experience development + business strategy, it’s no wonder there’s a through line of attraction in all she does.


Development / Production

Finding truth in creative, Caleb is in constant development of innovative strategies that boost awareness and engagement. Often finding himself in the mix with clients in technology and culture, each project aims to make the world a better place.


Creative / Art Direction

With deep multi-disciplinary creative roots, Mark has a unique ability to move from conceptual brief to on-point mock-ups in (what seems like) and effortless way. An incredibly gifted creative, Mark has developed a finely-tuned niche for brand/identity creation. For more of his work visit: 247mark.com.


Film Direction / Production

An incredibly gifted producer/director, Mark’s visual story-telling ability is seamless. Having produced content that’s appeared on some of the largest platforms in the world (Mashable, TechCrunch), his award-winning experience elevates each project in a valuable way. More of his work can be found at: thevisualmedium.com.



Multi-Media Production

With proficiencies ever-expanding in both music and film, Jared’s production work brings a unique momentum from the early development and pre-production stages, execution on-camera and off, through to final post-production for both audio and visual requirements.


Design / Production

Professional agility is so key when navigating the nuanced requirements, of parallel projects, with unique specs and timelines. Rebecca has this in spades. A privilege to work with, her commitment to reliably deliver results is a big part of what makes her results shine.